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Bob Sabellico
Bob Sabellico is an innovative Jazz Guitarist/Composer combining todays cutting edge technology and amazing technique to produce an original blend of Jazz, R&B and Latin inspired compositions. An accomplished and multi-talented musician, Bob Sabellico is fast becoming known as one of the most progressive artists of the year. His union of synthesized sound and live performance is truly unique and, as quoted by Lucas Hendrickson of the Tennessean is 180 degrees away from anything else and sets a vastly different musical tone.
It has been said that to experience one of Bobs live performances is to be BLOWN AWAY...
and audiences are certainly being blown away by his impressive technique and original sound. In addition to touring with his band, Bob is a featured artist for Bigsby vibratos. You can hear some music especially composed for the site at He has just completed his new cd entitled "Child's PlayOn it you will find a variety of Contemporary Jazz compositions interspersed with appearances from guest artists such as Chuck Loeb,Andy Snitzer,Gary Willis,Papa John DeFrancesco,Pat Bergeson,Scott Tibbs,Heather Lynn,Raymond Massey
and Dana Robbins. In this era of new music it is a pleasure to listen to someone like Bob who, while introducing us to the future of Jazz, never lets us forget its beginnings. Stay tuned to, MySpace, and your local Jazz stations for upcoming interviews with Bob and a taste of his new forthcoming CD, "Child's Play." Bob Sabellico plays Gretsch
Guitars and Bigsby Vibratos. Please visit for more music and articles.

*Bob Sabellico plays Gretsch guitars and Bigsby Vibratos